Product Recommendations

Recommendations for Product & Services

Listed below are many products I recommend to help you heal from Mold Sickness.

Air Purifiers

Air Oasis -
air purification systems, mention you are our patient for special doctor pricing, no sales tax, and free shipping on brand new units.
Dr. Jeff will do phone consults to identify your personal needs at home and workplace,

Home & Business Mold Remediation Companies
Natural Mold Solution - They provide mold inspection, testing and remediation services in the Greater Nashville area. 
Greg Weatherman - Environmental Hygienist, he will do phone consults,, (703)920-6653. 

InfraRed Products & Services - ERMI and HERTSMI testing

InfraRed Sauna from - Mention you are one of our patients for $500 off.  Or you may order through Amazon.

Far InfraRed Bio Mat 


Mold Warrior by Dr. Richie Shoemaker, excellent reading 

Surviving Mold by Dr. Shoemaker 

Natural Supplements & Products

Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, Detoxify and Energize, Ginger and Clay. 

Dry skin brush - Brushing for detoxing

XClear nasal wash - This product has Xylitol in it, a natural sugar molecule that is sticky and causes bacteria to adhere so it can be wash out of your nose.  

SinuOrega nasal wash - This product has Oregano oil in it that works as an antibacterial agent to eradicate bacteria. 

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