Customized Testing

Customized Testing

We offer an array of customized testing to help us discover what is going on in your body and to tailor your treatment based upon your test results.

Set up your phone consultation today, and we'll answer any questions you may have and determine which test is best for you.

Visual Contrast Screening Test ( 

Mold exposure can have whole body implications including affecting the blood flow to the retinae and optic nerve in the eyes. 

The VCS test has been proven to be a valuable screening tool used to determine if your symptoms are related to mold toxicity. If this exam is a positive or "failed" test then further recommendations will be given to you to help you begin your healing process.

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to take this online mold screening test and the initial test is FREE for patients of Pattie Rose, HealingMoldSickness, LLC.

Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staph (MARCoNS) 

This is a nasal swab test to determine an overgrowth of bacteria in the nasal passage which release toxins and contribute to the chronic inflammatory response in the body. MARCoNS must be treated with a prescription antibiotic nasal spray. 

Nasal swab test kits can be obtained from in Bedford, Massachusetts or call them at (781) 276-4956. 

They will mail you the test kit directly, if we recommend this test for you.  The cost is $50 for a negative test, and $85 for a positive one. The results of the test will be emailed to HealingMoldSickness,LLC and will be reviewed at your next appointment.

NeuroLab (Division of Senesco International) 

This is a salivary and urine collection test to evaluate cortisol neurotransmitter imbalances. Elevated cortisol is sometimes present in that "wired but exhausted" feeling making it difficult to sleep despite feeling extreme fatigue. Low cortisol levels can explain extreme fatigue with excessive sleep, brain fog, weight gain, or decreased immunity. The chronic inflammatory response in the body to mold toxicity can affect neurotransmitter levels causing symptoms of depression, sadness, anxiety, addictive tendencies, or a lack of motivation. 

This test is available by calling NeuroLab at (877) 216-6811 and they will ship a collection kit directly to you along with the instructions for collection. A mailer is included for returning the kit. Results will be sent to HealingMoldSickness,LLC and reviewed with you at your next appointment.

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